Bathroom Wall Mural

This is my very own bathroom. Above you can see a panoramic view of what the room looks like showing 3 walls.

The main element is the wall mural which you can see below.

I painted it using emulsion paints, mixing the shades with white emulsion. I also used gloss mixed with emulsion.

Then I painted the top of the wall with acrylics as well as elements of the sea water.

Themed Bathroom

Originally the mural design was on a birthday card that I bought and I was inspired to do a full mural based on it.

I then styled the rest of the bathroom to match the theme.

Contact Me About Commissions

A lot of my work is commission based and I am able to do a range of work including murals and custom art and crats, including upcycled furniture.

I especially enjoy painting pigs and have recently been doing commissions for dog pictures.

If you’d like, you can get in touch below to let me know what kind of thing you’re interested in and we can arrange custom work. Alternatively please send me a message on my facebook page.

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